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Betting on Greyhound !

Greyhound Racing is a great night out but if you follow these tips, there’s also a good chance you can leave with a bit of extra cash as well. First tip is to not bet on the first couple of races, instead look how the track is going to influence results. If it’s going to be a race, for the inside or outside runners find out how the tracks behaving before you place a bet. The draw is often more important, than for rookies will slash odds for dogs in form instead. Look for value in dogs that have been drawn well, for their talent an average form.


Rail Runner drawn second trap is a better bet than an in-form outside runner in lane 1-3. Look for young dogs runners with a hundred or more races under their belts. Will be known to the bookies and will be priced correctly. Instead look for value in the dogs that have run an under 20 races. They will usually have great roar speed and will often take the bookies by surprise. For imagine you’re the bookie and price up your card looking at all the information you have make your own odds for the races. If you see odds that are significantly higher than on your card it’s time for a bet and 5 not sure don’t bet.


An average night is 14 races who can’t possibly find good value in all of them. Be patient, do your research and only place bets based on logic rather than chasing losses or the need to bet on every race.


Good luck at the dogs!

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